Strong character, self-confidence, positive energy, freshness are the features that define the unique personality of the brand’s recipients.

DIVERSE has been meeting the original requirements of active people who value comfort, quality and style for almost 30 years. He draws inspiration from the latest fashion trends, choosing the most interesting and adapting them to the charismatic character of the brand. Thanks to this, the collections reflect the unique spirit of the brand.

DIVERSE EXTREME TEAM is strength, adrenaline, breaking barriers and power that lies only in some people. The brand is known for its passion for extreme sports, which is expressed through involvement in numerous competitions and sponsorship of men’s dangerous activities. It gives you the opportunity to overcome yourself and experience the impossible.

DIVERSE EXTREME TEAM means crossing internal borders, both for the fan and the sponsored player, and ultimately also for the client. The collections created under this brand are intended mainly for men. Dark colors reflect the strong nature of the brand, and strong color accents are the certainty of being noticed!

DAKAR collection is one of the licensed DEXT lines. It reflects crazy challenges, extreme fights for the set goal and missions that must be met, despite the scorching sun and difficult weather conditions – this is the crux of the Diverse Extreme Team.

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