Diverse Extreme Team, the brand made in Dakar
Through its Diverse brand, which was created in 1993 and is present in seven countries, the Polish clothing group Etos signed a technical partnership with the Dakar in 2020 that will run through years. This affiliation is made possible thanks to the enthusiasm of Etos group CEO, Marcin Bielski of this legendary rally-raid that he followed as a youngster.
The Dakar in Poland, a window to the world
In the 1980s and 90s, while Poland was under communist rule with its wide-open spaces and promise of escape, the Dakar was the stuff of dreams that brought people together and in turn became very popular. Marcin Bielski was one of the first die-hard fans from the East. “It was the first extreme sport that we learned about, it was the drivers, the cars and the makes that we had never seen before. It was like watching television for the first time in colour. That’s how intense it was to watch the Dakar.”
The Dakar always in the back of my mind
“In my wildest dreams, I always wanted to compete in the Dakar”, confides Marcin Bielski. But the Pole adds: “unfortunately my professional career has always come first and I have never really had the time to train and prepare as is needed”. So, it was via another means that he made his way to the Dakar: business. As CEO of Etos, he joined what he calls “the big Dakar family” in 2016 in becoming an official licensee of the event via the Diverse brand and its DEXT (Diverse Extreme Team) range before becoming a Technical Partner of the rally last year (2020).
Diverse, the brand trending up-ward
Casual, sporty, elegant, affordable and adapted to current trends, the Diverse brand continues to develop. Created in 1993 by the Polish Etos group, it has become one of the most significant clothing brand in Eastern Europe. It is sold in seven countries. Diverse has 195 stores (29 stores abroad including 3 DExt Dakar stores in Portugal) and 138 franchised locations. The company is also well-known for associating itself with events, such as the Diverse Downhill Contests, Enduro Rally, Diverse Night of the Jumps which is a show combining motorised extreme sports and music. The proximity with sport was accentuated in the 1990s when Diverse launched DExT (Diverse Extreme Team), a brand dedicated to the world of extreme sport.
DExT has become an essential part of the bivouac
17 years after its creation, DExT has become a Dakar partner. For Marcin Bielski it is “a dream come true”, and an opportunity “to become a participant in an incredible event”. The brand is launching a wide range of Dakar products to be sold in stores and in all the territories where the event is known to the general public, especially in Poland where the Dakar is particularly popular. “It is a reference in terms of escape, adventure and surpassing one’s limits, hence the attractiveness of these products for our customers”, underlines Marcin Bielski. At the same time, DExT is supporting the and Diverse Extreme Team that serves as a springboard for promising competitors, which was the case for Toby Price, Pablo Quintanilla and Mohamed Balooshi when they were getting started. The presence of Diverse in the bivouac has grown over the years and since last year, the brand has clothed the Dakar organization and will continue to do so for years. Furthermore, in the beginning of December DExt has tightened the links with Dakar even more, by becoming Official Partner of Monster Energy Honda RallyTeam.
A promising outlook
Marcin Bielski is delighted with this desire to build over the long term by being a major player in the Dakar. “We are confident that this can help us grow by enabling Diverse to be a more global brand. This is the first time we have been associated with an event of international scope and the challenge is tenfold”. Meanwhile, Marcin and his teams say they are proud of the ties forged on the Dakar. “We are very happy to participate in this race that encourages exchanges between people from different walks of life. We had the chance to discover Saudi Arabia last year where interest in the Dakar is constantly growing. It’s a pleasure to be able to contribute, at our level, to the spreading of this passion.”
DExT and the Dakar in brief
– Diverse Extreme Team (DExT) has been associated with the Dakar since 2016
– A wide range of Dakar merchandise is sold in the Diverse stores and can be purchased on the internet
– As a Technical Partner since last year DExT is providing clothing to the Dakar organisation
– DExT demonstrates the appeal and popularity of the Dakar in Eastern Europe
Marcin Bielski
Born on 12/09/1976 in Warsaw
2009 : first enduro bike Honda xr 600r
2012 starts at ETOS S.A. The is reborn. Main goal: work with the Dakar Rally
2015 : ETOS S.A. commences cooperation with A.S.O. on a limited collection of sports apparel
2018 : ETOS S.A. agrees with A.S.O. on global distribution for the Dakar brand in the apparel sector
2019 starts cooperation with, a 17-year veteran of Dakar (Marek Dabrowski)
2020 : ETOS S.A. becomes the official Technical Partner of Dakar
2020 : ETOS S.A. partners with Monster Energy Honda Rally Team
2020 : ETOS S.A. partners with Bstrong brand to launch Dakar mono-brand concept stores in Portugal
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